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Hi, I've just received TACR2A 34RN51 / D351DPM. I have been informed that this TACR2A was first stationed at RNAS Lee-on-Solent/HMS Deadalus and then at RNAS Yeaovilton/HMS Heron, before it was sold to Bristow Helicopters and stationed in Aberdeen. The vehicle is in quite OK condition, except for two things: - it will not start (electrics seems OK, but starter is not turning) - the sides of the rear body has been sanded down, probably to remove the "Bristow Helicopters" markings. I have not really looked into the starting problems, as I have only had time off after dark (and in sub-zero temperatures). Any advice on how to troubleshoot this problem will be welcome. I guess it may be something as simple as a missing connection from the ignition to the starter solenoid... The vehicle will require a respray. Did the Royal Navy use standard Signal Red (BS381c #537) or some other shade of red ? I have seen a picture of 34RN51 with black "ROYAL NAVY" lettering on the sides, but no logo/badge, while other RN TACR2As have some kind og badge in addition to the text. Was there a standard for the lattering and badges, or did each station do it their own way ? The special AC connector on the back of the vehicle has been replaced with a standard IEC plug - where can I get the original military connector ? I have not yet decided if the vehicle should be kept as is and just returned to Bristow livery, or if it should be restored to "original Royal Navy condition". Cheers, Ketil
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